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What is branding?

Branding can be defined as how you convince the customers to look at your business in a certain way which is usually a lot more than just colorful logos and catchy taglines.

Logos, colors, and taglines, as important as they are, do not entirely constitute a brand. The definition of the brand comes with its meaning and interpretation, and words are the best way to express that.

Why can content writing be considered important in branding?

Content writing is very important when it comes to telling people what your brand is all about. A study shows that 90% of marketers who use a content marketing plan, hope to continue investing the same amount in the channel in 2022.

Good, consistent, and high-quality content impacts the audience more than any other way of branding. Cohesive and well-written content will ensure that the reader understands what you want to express to your customers, and this will further ensure the success and determine the well-being of your business.

Nowadays, advertising has shifted from old-school means to digital advertising over social media platforms, and by recommendation of a third party. Hence it becomes all the more important to accompany your brand name with engaging content which will be able to resonate with the reader. 47% of B2B buyers consumed 3-5 pieces of content from a company before engaging with any of their sales representatives.

The importance of content

  • Elevating your brand: As mentioned earlier, catchy taglines and colorful logos are not enough to make your brand resonate with your audience. In today's time of digital advertising, cohesive and well-written content will help to create an impact on the audience and hence will also help in the growth of the brand as a whole.

  • Increased audience retention: Well-written content will always grab your audience’s attention and once that is done it will attract customers to your brand. Content writing when done correctly and consistently will provide satisfaction to your audience and will make them come back again and again.

  • Reinforcing brand message: The best way to make your brand message clear to the audience and reinforcing it on them would be through a well-written article. Once the reader reads it, it will grab their interest and also make it easier for them to have a clear image of what the brand can do for them.

  • Increasing your presence on social media: Most of the advertising nowadays is done digitally through social media platforms. An increased social media presence would be beneficial for the brand as a whole. In today's business world, an important consideration should be that of social media. While social media followers are an important aspect, a beautifully written content will help you have some more of them.

  • Your own voice: The best way to express your brand story would be through your own voice. Content writing here is important because it lets you express what your brand stands for, what it strives to achieve, and what it promises to the customers. Once you have tastefully expressed yourself in the form of content, the reader or the customer understands it better and hence will be attracted to your brand.

Types of content in digital marketing

Image by azerbaijan_stockers on Freepik

  • Website content: A website is a platform where the audience interacts with your company. Hence, it becomes imperative to put significant planning on the content displayed on your websites. Often, your website is the first thing people explore about your brand.

  • Scripts for video shoots: A script is required for most of the videos used in marketing. It could be an explainer video, an advertisement or even a product shoot. All of these are paired with voice overs which automatically introduces the need for a well written script to convey your message to the public.

  • Blogs: Blogs are a great way to show your expertise on a topic. 77% of people on the internet read blogs. The audience gets an idea that the business they are considering knows what they are doing. A well written blog is a very effective way to raise new content on your website, as well as, act as a catalyst for email and social media marketing and generates traffic on your website.

  • Social media content: Content for social media posts and captions serve a very vital role in digital marketing today. Most social media buyers come across multiple businesses throughout the day and hence, it becomes important that your business stands out amongst them. This can be done using eye-catching posts and personalization of business, both of which significantly depend on Content Marketing.

To conclude, well-written content can be considered a form of currency in today’s world. Digital marketing today is nothing but a constant stream of content and social actions. This is why blogging, creating video content and influencer marketing has emerged as popular means of marketing nowadays.

A consistent and cohesive piece of text describing your goals can be considered as something you can use to get the audience to take interest. This interest can in turn be used to ensure a greater sale of your products. The more the content is shared the more deals it will bring.

Hence, content writing is important and is indeed a way to start a conversation between you and the customer.

We at Tickling Trees are eager to help you to put out optimal content for your readers, with our varied range of services including drafting blogs, website content, social media posts and even scripts for your videos.

Our team of professionals ensure that the very best reaches your audience keeping in mind the statement your brand plans to make.


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