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Why do we need a Social Media Marketing strategy?

It’s 2022 and everybody has a social media profile. Sharing of content has never been so easy. However, due to an abundance of content, a lot of it is left unnoticed. A lack of engaging content may lead a potential buyer to scroll past your advertisement.

This is where a sound Social Media Marketing strategy comes into play. A Social Media Marketing strategy ensures that you use your account to the fullest.

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Keys to developing a good Social Media Marketing Strategy

Identify your audience

Social media allows businesses to get a clear idea of who their audience is. If you have

not yet defined your target demographic, this is the point where you should do so.

Knowing your audience helps you create content and adverts that address your ideal audience’s needs.

Select the right platform for your business

A large number of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. exist today. This provides a business with multiple options to advertise. However, it is necessary to understand which platform works best for your brand.

Each platform is an audience of a different group of people and serves various purposes. While Instagram can be a great place to advertise your retail or beauty business, twitter serves as the best place for PR purposes. Similarly, while 78% of the 442 million Pinterest users are female, Twitter has a majority of the male population. Also while Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest appeal to a younger crowd in general, almost 6 out of 10 people on Twitter are between the ages of 25 and 49.

Create attainable goals

Having realistic and attainable goals are important, as unattainable goals often set people up for disappointment. While ambition is necessary, it is often advisable to break your goals into short-term attainable ones, which also gives you a sense of achievement now and then.

An example of attainable social media goals could be to increase followers from 2k to 4k in 3 months or to reduce the response time of your brand accounts to less than 2 hours.

Analyze your social media activity

It is important to know how your audience is reacting to your adverts and content online. If an Instagram reel has more shares than an image advert, you should focus more resources and time on making reels. Similarly, if a post garnered hate, it should be rectified and steps are to be taken to ensure similar content is not posted.

Maintain a social media calendar

When it comes to social media posting, consistency is the key. A social media calendar gives you an overview of your upcoming social posts organized by date. Having a social media calendar helps you keep track of what you are posting and also when to post.

Additionally, your audience also has an idea when new posts are up and they look forward to it.

Structure your content

A simple picture doesn’t do the trick anymore. As it is common knowledge videos have more reach than photos on sites like Instagram. Additionally, identifying trends and jumping on them or collaborating with influencers with a large follower base could automatically increase your brand awareness.

At the same time personalizing content and using user-generated content also gives a feeling of familiarity to your brand.

Personalize your brand

One of the major perks that come with social media over other forms of marketing is that the audience can freely talk to the business owners. When an owner responds to a user comment or addresses a query, it automatically humanizes the brand, adding a sense of familiarity to it.

More ways to do this is by using user-generated content like replies to comments on a video or frequent live sessions to interact with the audience. This helps generate a loyal customer base which is beneficial in the long run.

Know your competition

Know what your competition is doing, and use it to your advantage. If a competitor brand is more active on Facebook while hardly so on Instagram, that is an opportunity to grab the under-served audience. Notice mistakes of others and try to avoid them. On the other hand, get an idea about the content getting maximum business and structure a similar one for your own business.

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If all this sounds too overwhelming, but you do not want to lose out on the benefits of social media marketing, Do not worry! We got you covered.

We at Tickling Trees are ready to do all the hard work for you to reap the benefits of. Our team will work closely with you to analyze social media activities and trends according to your business and come up with a strategy best for your brand. We also design posts and captions to go well with your brand statements and ensure that your message reaches the right audience.


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